Tuesday & Thursday

6am & 6pm

60 minute bootcamp style group class. Contact a coach if you would like to try this out.


Tuesday at 11am

60 minute yoga/pilates hybrid.

Drop-ins are welcome!

"18 months ago I walked into this gym.

I was very out of shape due to pain from hip and back issues. Every new exercise I tried caused pain and I was getting to where I didn't know what I could do. My pain was extreme and always there. I was exhausted all the time.


I started coming to the gym.

My first program was nothing. Barely any weight, very few movements. But over the next 18 months I gradually increased my strength and ability. I had flares along the way but was encouraged to always come in no matter how I was feeling because there is always something you can do.

That kept me from sliding backwards when I was having a flare. Now if I have a flare, which is rare and always mild, I know what to do and how to deal with it and still move.


While it sounds dramatic I can honestly say coming in changed my life.

I now do all sorts of activities and add new ones all the time without fear of hurting myself."


July 16, 2019

"After three years of retirement I found that my energy and mobility were going in the wrong direction and decided it needed to be addressed. My daughter had been going to Cascade Peak Performance and working with Chris, her personal trainer, and had great results, so I decided to take the plunge.

I am 65, and aside from going to aerobic classes, had never worked out at a gym in my life. After meeting Chris, we discussed my goals to improve my posture, increase flexibility and strength, and lose weight.

I thought I would try his "30 day trial,"and see if this was the right fit. I am now 5 months into my program and have improved in all areas already, and looking forward to an even healthier, happier lifestyle."


May 28, 2014


First class is free! Let us know what class and time you would like to come in for.

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