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A Better Way to Work with a Personal Trainer

Individualized Attention    |    Flexible Scheduling    |    Supportive Atmosphere

Fitness for the Lifestyle you want!


Weekdays   5am - 8pm

Saturday      9am - 1pm

Sunday        closed

Cascade Peak Performance is a personal training gym in Springfield, OR. Serving customers from Springfield, Eugene and the surrounding area.

We are located at the Booth Kelly Center in Downtown Springfield.

Go past the railroad tracks.

Head for the covered parking.

Come in and say hi!

An excellent gym with knowledgeable and supportive staff. They get to know you and create a personalized plan for your success, no matter what your goal is. I highly recommend this gym and team!



"I've joined several of the big name gyms in the area but always felt like something was missing. After joining Cascade Peak Performance, I found what was missing. Chris and his staff provide a positive, supportive environment that makes you feel important from the first time you walk in the door. Your workout is developed for your needs. The staff talk with you everyday and know your strengths and challenges. Your time in the gym is productive - you never just go through the motions. I strongly recommend that you come on in and give the place a try - you will never regret it!"



"I have done competitive athletics  for many years now and have been fortunate enough to have the best trainers and coaches during this time. The training and guidance that I have received these past couple of years is no exception. They go above and beyond to make sure I am getting the maximum benefits from my workouts. I am grateful for their attentiveness, professionalism  and encouragement. "



"I am a sports massage therapist and have worked out all my life and it never failed. I would get to a point where I was doing great and really digging it, and then...pain. From overuse and poor form. Every time! So I decided it was time to get some personal training. I went to CPP to check it out, met Chris, and without blinking an eye, signed up. I have been there a year and am feeling better than I ever have, and no chronic ailments. Thanks guys!"




Cascade Peak Performance


303 S. 5th St.#140

Springfield, OR 97477



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